The Book of Mormon tickets are selling like festival tickets: horribly fast, and with major complications. This is what usually happens when a major even is announced and the tickets go on sale. Demand outweighs supply, and it's almost always unexpected.

"It is probable that it will sell out by the end of the day or early tomorrow," said spokesperson John Dow, working on the information that there were thousands of tickers left this morning for the show's debut in Washington, (March 14). "We did everything that was possible to do in a two-week time frame" in order to improve the ticket-buying experience, Dow added. "Our IT folks tripled the number of servers in one part of the system, they worked on the waiting rooms to add more capacity." But with demand "in the high tens of thousands" this morning, the site failed under the pressure and has not fully recovered. The "waiting room" screen still pops up before the homepage can even load. Dow did add that anyone who misses out, shouldn't give up hope. "People sometimes turn in their tickets, so people should check closer to the performance date for last minute availability. That's something for July and not for now."

Book of Mormon is a satirical musical based on religion, made by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who teamed up Avenue Q co-writer and co-composer, Robert Lopez. The show opened on Broadway in March 2011, and became the highest-charting Broadway cast album in over four decades, reaching No. 3 on the Billboard charts, as is evidenced by its enduring popularity.

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