Trevor Noah has thanked people who "hate-watch" 'The Daily Show'.

The 38-year-old comedian ended his seven-year run as the show's host on Thursday (08.12.22), and Trevor thanked everyone who has played a role in the programme's success, including his critics.

He said: "I remember when we started the show, we couldn't get enough people to fill an audience. There were empty seats and then I look at this now, I don't take it for granted ever.

"Every seat that has ever been filled to watch something that I'm doing. I always appreciate it because I know there's an empty seat that sits behind it so thank you so much. Thank you to the people who watch [and] the people who share the clips."

Trevor subsequently joked that his detractors have helped to boost the show's ratings, too.

He quipped: "Everyone who's had an opinion, everyone whose been kind enough and gracious enough, even if it's a critique ... I wanna say I appreciate those people. Even the people who hate-watch, you still pulled up the ratings so thank you - I'm eternally grateful to you."

Trevor also credited the "brilliant" black women in his life for his success.

The stand-up comedian - who was born in Johannesburg in South Africa - explained: "Special shout out to black women. I've often been credited with having these grand ideas.

"People say, 'Oh Trevor, you're so smart.' I'm like, 'Who do you think teaches me? Who do you think shaped me, nourished me and formed me?'

"From my mom, my gran, my aunt, all these black women in my life, but in America as well. I tell people if you want to truly learn about America, talk to black women cause, unlike everybody else, black women can't afford to f*** around and find out.

"Black people understand how hard it is when things go bad, especially in America, but any place where black people live ... when things go bad, black people know that it's worse for them."