Country music sensation, Travis Tritt, almost saw his son lose his foot when a boating trip went horribly wrong for the child. Tritt and his family - wife Theresa and three children: 13-year-old daughter Tyler, and sons 12-year-old Tristan and 7-year-old Tarian - were spending time on Lake Blue Ridge in Georgia on 20th August, 2011, when middle-child Tristan decided to cool off by going for a swim. What followed was a nightmarish accident, as Tristin's foot was sucked towards and into the blades of the boats propeller, slashing straight through his skin and to the bone of his leg.

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The 'National Enquirer' reports that Travis Tritt was driving the boat at the time, yet immediately killed the engine and rushed to his son's aid; pulling him from the water and rushing him straight to hospital. Amazingly, Tristan's leg was not damaged by the blades, and the doctors were able to sew the deep cuts back together. The boy's mother, Theresa, shared pictures of the injury on her Facebook page, with one description reading: "Cut down to the bone!! Doctors can't explain how the bone didn't get shattered or cut in two."

Both she and her singer/songwriter husband were, understandably, tremendously happy by their son being able to keep his leg. The expressed extreme happiness towards his potential speedy recovery in another post, stating: "We are sooooo (sic) blessed today 'cause it could have been a terrible day... It is truly a great day to be alive."