War is coming. At least, that's what the first teaser for the upcoming 'Warcraft' film would have us believe. Don't get too excited though; this new trailer for the live-action epic gives virtually nothing away and is pretty much over in the blink of an eye.

WarcraftThe war is on! Humans and orcs battle in Azeroth

Never fear, though, because you won't have long to wait for the real trailer as it is set to arrive on Friday in all its glory (November 6th 2015). So far, all we know is that the film involves some long-haired, sword-wielding warriors riding giant eagles across sprawling, majestic seaside kingdoms, while being attacked by enormous, man-eating wolves in poor weather conditions and somehow finding themselves in possession of rather anachronistic weaponry. All of this you could've guessed if you are fan of the online role-playing game 'World Of Warcraft'.

Watch the first teaser for 'Warcraft' here:


'Warcraft' has been directed by BAFTA award winning Duncan Jones, known as the son of David Bowie and for his work on the sci-fi films 'Moon' and 'Source Code', who co-wrote the screenplay alongside Charles Leavitt. Like the games, the movie will feature many of the popular characters such as the knight Anduin Lothar, his arch frenemy Medivh, Durotan, Garona, King Llane Wrynn, Blackhand and many more.

'Vikings' star Travis Fimmel hasn't moved much out of his comfort zone for the new movie, and it's yet another war film for 'Lone Survivor''s Ben Foster. 'Mission: Impossible' actress Paula Patton also makes an appearance in the movie, alongside Toby Kebbell from 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' and 'Captain America' star Dominic Cooper.

For those unfamiliar with the fantasy extravaganza, the story is set in a world called Azeroth and follows a brutal war between humans and orcs. For fans of 'The Lord Of The Rings' and 'Dungeons & Dragons' - or indeed anything with sword and sorcery elements to it.

'Warcraft' is scheduled to hit UK cinemas on June 3rd 2016.

Warcraft posterWarcraft is coming next year