Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley helped change the feel of the 'Transformers' franchise.

The British model replaced actress Megan Fox in the role of Carly in the action series franchise, and director Michael Bay has said she was a great choice because she brought a "Spark" to the film.

He said: "My casting woman said, 'Ya know, there's something exciting about Rosie, I'm telling you Michael, this girl could be a star.

"She's also really polite - she says thank you and good morning. It helps the movie by recasting. There's something nice about the spark of a new relationship. I think it helps the movie."

Michael also revealed he was dubious about shooting the movie in 3-D, but was convinced by 'Avatar' director James Cameron.

He added to Movie Hole: "Jim was like, 'Right, you better shoot in 3-D. He was like 'You gotta try it, you gotta try it.'

"But as you've probably read, I was hesitant. Took me about a year to research 3D properly before I decided to use it. I'm an Old School film guy - I still hate shooting digital; whatever any director tells you, digital is never as good as film - and I was hesitant about this new toy, and that's what it is, a new toy."