Transformers star Josh Duhamel is glad he wasn't in Canada with his wife Fergie on Sunday night (21Jun09) - because he would been the one punching blogger Perez Hilton.
Black Eyed Peas manager Polo Molina has been charged with assault after lashing out at Hilton during an altercation at a MuchMusic Awards party.
Fergie reportedly sparked the feud by confronting the acid-tongued blogger to ask him why he had been so mean about her, and Duhamel insists he could so easily have been the one facing legal woes.
Asked if he's upset that he wasn't the one throwing the punch on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, Duhamel said, "A little bit. I kinda wished it was me... I would have done the same thing, that would've been me."
The actor insists he's going to stop talking about the incident, but does feel Hilton has been asking for trouble.
He adds, "I think he's got more press than he deserves from this whole thing, but you put yourself out there for criticism... and he goes a little below the belt, and ...when you poke somebody in the chest enough and you call them enough names, I think sometimes it's gonna get your nose bloodied."