As Tracy Morgan remains hospitalized, in critical condition, after being involved in a car crash this past weekend, the driver who caused it has denied all charges.

The 45 year-old, who was travelling in a limo bus when a Walmart tuck crashed into it, sustained a broken nose, broken ribs, and underwent surgery to repair a broken femur on Sunday (June 8th).

Morgan's mentor, 63-year-old James McNair of Peekshill, New York, was killed as a result of the crash.

The man behind the wheel of the Walmart truck, Kevin Roper, 35, of Jonesboro, pleaded not guilty to one count of vehicular homicide and four counts of assault by auto, during his first court appearance at Middlesex County Superior Court in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on Wednesday (June 11th).

Roper is currently out of jail on $50,000 bail, but if convicted of all charges he will face up to 15 years in prison.

According to a criminal complaint filed by New Jersey State Police driver caused the accident by driving his truck "without having slept for a period in excess of 24 hours."

The crash, involving a six-car pileup on the New Jersey Turnpike, which occurred early Saturday morning (June 7th), left the '30 Rock' star in critical condition and he is expected to remain hospitalized for the next several weeks.

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Roper turned to social media to release a statement on the incident, in which he called the allegations against him "bullsh*t."

Tracy Morgan
Morgan remains in critical condition following the car crash

"I was not drunk, high, (I was tested and passed) under any influence of any drug or alcohol, I had an 'ACCIDENT' which unfortunately occurred with a lot of media spotlight. If my ACCIDENT occurs with no media spotlight I am issued a few traffic tickets," he tweeted.

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Adding, ''The excuse of me being up 24 hours is complete BS! I was never charged at the scene of the accident because once again I was not guilty of any crime. Not until all the TV cameras came did the police all of a sudden make a determination I was up 24 hours (sounds good and sells papers) also covers their ass. So yes I am now most likely f**ked because i had an unfortunate ACCIDENT with the wrong car that night."