Review of Our Bright Future Album by Tracy Chapman


Review of Tracy Chapman's album Our Bright Future.

Tracy Chapman the four time Grammy award winning artist is back with a new album 'Our Bright Future' and indeed she can be proud to add this to her already illustrious back catalogue. If you're familiar with Chapman you know what you're going to get and that's class, sophistication and great music. Very much following in her folk, soul, blues roots 'Our Bright Future' has some great tunes and great lyrics. Her latest single 'Sing For You' is the first track on the album and sets the tone for a peaceful journey into soul and reflection. 'Our Bright Future' captures the conscience perspective that Tracy Chapman has become famous for with many tracks like this again highlighting quality lyrics and good song writing.

The album pretty much rolls on in a laid back manner that causes no stress or worry. It's sits nicely in the background soothes the soul and creates peaceful contemplation. There's tight musicianship that works well with the songs. She's a heavyweight artist that isn't trying to prove anything just purely doing what she does best. Another winning album for sure.

Tareck Ghoneim

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