Country star Trace Adkins is racked with guilt about leaving his wife and kids to head out on tour so soon after their Tennessee home burned to the ground.
The singer and his family were left devastated after an electrical fault caused a blaze to break out in their Brentwood property in June (11), claiming all of their treasured belongings.
Adkins was onboard a flight to Alaska when the devastation occurred and he immediately rushed home upon hearing the news.
He is due to kick off a two-month tour this week (04Aug11) but Adkins admits he is in two minds about abandoning his wife Rhonda and their three daughters in their time of need - because he still regrets being absent during the fire.
He tells People magazine, "It's important for me to be a physical presence for the kids right now. I have guilt about not being there during the fire. I could've put it out - or tried."
The Adkins family has since moved into its holiday cabin near Nashville and the star admits they are still reeling from the inferno.
He says, "Rebuilding will take time. We're still in the stage of hugging each other. A lot!"