Two months after Weezer dropped their surprise cover of Toto's 'Africa', Toto have responded by announcing that they have recorded their own Weezer cover and will release it to the world soon. They've chosen a rather unexpected song from the rockers' back catalogue.

Toto performing live in 2015Toto performing live in 2015

In the months leading up to Weezer's release of 'Africa', there had been a social media campaign led primarily by a Twitter account called @WeezerAfrica to get them to cover the song. A week before they honoured the fan request, they trolled them with a cover of Toto's 'Rosanna'.

They came through in the end, so that's all that mattered. Toto were thrilled with the rendition, and Weezer managed to get in the Top 100 for the first time in a decade. Now Toto want to repay the group with their own cover; a version of 2001's 'Hash Pipe' from 'The Green Album'.

In an interview with LA radio station KROQ on Friday (July 27th 2018), guitarist Steve Lukather and keyboardist Steve Porcaro revealed that their original plan was to record the more well known track 'Beverly Hills' from 'Make Believe'.

'I thought 'Hash Pipe' had a better melody', Lukather said. 'I love the message, you know what I mean? And we wanted to do it justice. We wanted to do our thing to it, but still pay respect to it. And we added a couple of our kitschy little things to it, which I hope that they laugh [at]. We wish we could be in the room when they hear it.'

Toto are currently on their 40 Trips Around the Sun Tour - a 40th Anniversary trip taking them right across North American through til November.

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They released their last album 'Toto XIV' in 2015. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for Weezer's promised 'The Black Album', but they have just kicked off their summer tour with Pixies and Sleigh Bells and will be performing across the States until mid-August.