Things just veered from scandalous to troubling on the second episode of True Tori. In the episode, which aired Tuesday night on Lifetime, Dea McDermott had the floor to explain why he cheated. We’ve already had glimpses of McDermott’s issues – in January, he voluntarily entered rehab to seek treatment for his alleged sex addiction, after his infidelity with Emily Goodhand came to light a month earlier. This week (or at during the taping of True Tori) anyway, he finally went into detail about the slipup and what brought him there. Here's the play-by-play.

Dean McDermott
                                                              Apparently McDermott is struggling with sex addiction and self hate.

"I haven't dealt with any of it yet," Tori confesses at the start of Tuesday's show, before she admitted, talking over the couple’s marital problems with a single-dad friend. "All my friends have an opinion ... but at the end of the day I have to do what's right for my children."

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The kids are misbehaving, apparently the fights are taking a toll on them.

"I'd like you to calm down." Tori says to 6-year-old Liam says in a party store as they're planning his birthday party. "Can you talk nicely to me?"

Paparazzi are waiting for them as they come out. "Stay away," says Liam. "Paparazzi are dumb!"

One cut later, Tori is off to the therapist, admitting that she and Dean met while both were still married, so this cheating "is what I always thought would happen."

There are a few more scenes, hammering in the idea of just how stressful the separation is for Spelling.

The therapist tells Tori to share with Dean all the feelings she's having. The therapist tells Dean he needs to listen with empathy and compassion. But of course, he’s far too tortured for that.

Tori Spelling
Tori has some (justified) trust issues.

"I'm scared to hear Tori's true feelings. I'm so filled with self-loathing to begin with. Inside I feel like a rotten, twisted tree," says Dean.

"Tori deserves me to die," he says. (Yes, that's exactly how he said it.) "I sit here today looking at it and I know I will not take my life."

Tori wonders if he's OK to be talking about his suicidal thoughts while cameras are rolling. "I don't even know if I'm OK with that."

But Dean says, "Babe, I understand."

At that point filming was reportedly stopped to make sure that McDermott was stable after his confession of suicidal thoughts. Tori later addresses the moment in a confessional segment.Tori tells cameras that she was never comfortable with Dean admitting he wanted to take his own life. "But as long as he's comfortable sharing it, I'm comfortable as well."

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