Actress Tori Spelling insists she won't even consider the sale of a sex tape she made with her husband Dean McDermott on St. Valentine's Day in 2009, despite receiving big money offers from porn companies.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star opened up about the saucy footage in her new book, and her husband has since revealed they had to fight a former friend's bid to get rich quick when he stumbled across the film MCDermott had as a kinky keepsake on his computer.

The story prompted porn movie mogul Steve Hirsch to offer Spelling a lucrative deal for the sex tape - but she insists she's not interested in letting fans watch her and her man making love.

Appearing on U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live on Friday (08Nov13), she said, "I read about that (offer)... That's crazy... I am a mum of four beautiful babies; two (of them are) girls that I want to grow up and feel, like, strong, empowered women. I would never sell a sex tape."

And she admits even she hasn't really seen the footage, adding, "I think we saw it once after we did it. We never even watched it again."