Tori Spelling was rushed to hospital yesterday (30.10.11).

The reality TV star gave birth to her third child Hattie Margaret McDermott earlier this month but was taken to the Tarzana Medical Centre by her concerned husband Dean McDermott - who is also the father of her other kids Liam, four, and three-year-old Stella - after she complained of a "horrendous migraine".

Before being rushed to the hospital, where she was spotted in a wheelchair, Tori wrote on twitter on Saturday (29.10.11): "Anyone else get horrendous migraines right after giving birth? Is it hormones?I've had one for a week now. Nothing is working :(: (sic)"

It is unclear whether Tori is still in hospital or has returned home.

Before her hospital visit, the actress had appeared to be coping well with the latest addition to their family although she admitted her extra baby weight has not gone unnoticed by her other children.

She recently wrote on twitter: "Stella touched my belly confused&said "mommy is there another baby N there? Why's it still big?" #DamnIThoughtILookedGood #HumbledByMy3YrOld (sic)"

Tori later added: "Omg! Liam is doing funny voices for and playing with my jiggly post preggers belly saying "Hi, I'm Mr. Fat Belly" (sic)"