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17th November 2016

Quote: "I hadn't listened to Pele in a long time. You're kind of forced, in order to do the remastering and get it ready... You're forced to listen to yourself. And I have to tell you, there were moments I was listening to that record and I would think, 'Wow, that girl is angry. She's an angry person'." Tori Amos was an angry young woman when she recorded hit 1996 album Boys for Pele 20 years ago.

14th July 2014

Quote: "She's gotta pay for school! She wants to do it though, I mean she's really good; she enjoys it. I think she'd be really bored if she was just sitting on the tour bus, so she's out with us all summer, touring." Singer Tori Amos has put her 13-year-old daughter to work for the summer by recruiting her to sell merchandise during her gigs.

12th January 2012

Fact: The old Georgian house that features in videos accompanying the songs on Tori Amos' new album Night of the Hunter belongs to the singer. Amos reveals she bought the place, which sits on the banks of the River Bandon in Kinsale, Ireland, in 1995.

29th November 2011

Quote: "I need an hour with no phone, no contact with anyone. I focus on the energy of the songs that are coming that night and the stories they're telling. Songs are sonic beings of consciousness and I'm a container; they're alive to me. When I go out on stage, I'm bringing their spirits with me." Tori Amos refuses to chat or take calls before concerts.

29th November 2011

Quote: "I've been fascinated with mythology. I can't do math, I can't count, but I can find structure in stories." Tori Amos on her love for mythology.

29th November 2011

Quote: "I'm the bus mum. They're all so young and talented, they're inspiring. This is the first tour for some of them." Tori Amos on touring North America with Polish string quartet Apollon Musagete and Berlin Philharmonic clarinetist Andreas Ottensamer.

28th November 2011

Quote: "The night after Kurt Cobain died, I was playing in a church in Berlin. The emotion was palpable. I sang Smells LikeTeen Spirit. The next night, in Ireland, everyone started singing along just a few bars into it. I was so amazed, I had difficulty finishing the song. But they all carried on for me, singing in perfect reverence of his memory." Tori Amos recalls a couple of magical musical moments onstage.

21st September 2011

Quote: "I'll stand next to the hardest f**king heavy metal band on any stage in the world and take them down, alone, by myself. Gauntlet laid down... See who steps up! I'll take them down at 48. And they know I will. Because emotion has power that the metal guys know you can't touch it." Tori Amos challenges the world's greatest heavy rockers to a live duel.

17th December 2009

Fact: Tori Amos' daughter NATASHYA sings a duet with her mum on Amos' Christmas album Winter Graces. Mother and daughter perform Holly, Ivy & Rose together.

19th September 2009

Fact: Singer Tori Amos is getting in the Christmas spirit early - she's recording an album of holiday tunes. MIDNIGHT GRACES, which will feature traditional carols and seasonal songs, will be released in November (09).

25th June 2009

Quote: "I just think, 'I'm gonna get you laid tonight, buddy. You've gotta thank me.'" Tori Amos on the men who reluctantly show up at her concerts as dates.

24th June 2009

Fact: Tori Amos once beat out Sarah Jessica Parker for a role in a Kellogg's TV cereal commercial.

31st May 2009

Quote: "I collect them, shoes and books. One day, if all the power goes, if you can track me down and if you can wear between size 37 and 38, you will have shoes on your feet and books to read." Singer Tori Amos is obsessed with novels and high heels.

4th December 2008

Fact: Singer/songwriter Tori Amos is penning a new musical for the British National Theatre called THE LIGHT PRINCESS.

4th May 2007

Quote: "Yeah, she's an older woman, but with all due respect, I think the Queen is quite shaggable. I mean who wouldn't want to shag a queen?" Singer Tori Amos would like to wake up next to British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

22nd April 2007

Quote: "Anything a wife should do, I'm terrible at. Anything a mistress should do, I'll try." Singer Tori Amos on her disastrous skills as a housewife.

9th April 2007

Quote: "The idea that someone is willing to have their life excavated in this way reminds me of ancient Rome, where people watched others getting killed. There's no blood and gore, but it can get very messy." Tori Amos likens modern celebrity culture to brutal ancients trends.

12th September 2006

Quote: "It's odd being a 37-year-old heterosexual male who owns nothing but Sarah Mclachlan and Tori Amos." Matthew Perry on his penchant for highly emotional music by female singers.

29th June 2006

Fact: Singer/songwriter Tori Amos is clearing out her musical closet and releasing a five-CD box set of rarities, B-sides, hits and misses. The 86-track compilation, A PIANO, will feature a running commentary by Amos.

23rd January 2006

Quote: <p>"I know I'm an acquired taste - I'm anchovies. And not everybody wants those hairy little things." Tori Amos accepts she is not universally loved. </p>

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