Bat For Lashes hates being compared to Tori Amos.

The singer - real name Natasha Khan - finds it "frustrating" and "weird" to be compared to the 'Cornflake Girl' hitmaker just because of her choice in musical instrument.

She said: "I'm getting f**king tired of people saying that I sound like Tori Amos just because I play the piano. It's just so shallow and weird and inaccurate."

Despite her frustration, the 29-year-old singer enjoys performing live because of the intense atmosphere of the crowd.

She explained: "I feel like the more you sing out that stuff and the more it becomes part of this communal ritual experience, it kind of diffused the intensity of it on a tragic, personal level and becomes something that's swirling around in the universe."

Meanwhile, the 'Daniel' songstress - who was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2007 and 2009 - says she was greatly inspired by the late pop star Michael Jackson.

She explained: "I want to communicate to the everyday person. I don't want to just roll around in my own avant-garde pool of coolness. I feel like the greatest people to me, and the ones that have touched me, were through the radio when I was 11 years old.

"Michael Jackson was such a one-off, the epitome of a child lost in an adult's world.

"People like that just have a high voltage running through them and you don't see it very often."