Tori Amos' music reminds Alanis Morissette of a ''warm bath''.

The 46-year-old star is a long-time fan of Tori, admitting she finds her work to be ''soothing''.

Recalling listening to her music in the early 90s, Alanis shared: ''Listening to Tori was just like a soothing, soothing, warm bath for me when I was alone and I completely freaked out because I was living alone for the first time.

''I had the privilege of going on tour with Tori, a five-and-a-half-weeks tour in 1999. It was a really sweet journey point for me to be touring with someone who had such a big influence on me feeling liberated to stream-of-consciousness-write basically, and just write what was going on.''

Alanis was inspired by Tori's approach to songwriting, and she ultimately decided to follow in her footsteps.

Speaking on 'Alanis Radio' on Apple Music Hits, the 'Ironic' hitmaker explained: ''I wrote a lot of songs as a young person and it was adhering to a structure of a kind.

''I started writing songs heaven forbid that wouldn't rhyme or melodically were a little more challenging and it was met with quite a bit of disdain at the time and a lot of people were asking me to just 'stick with what I knew'.

''So I got dropped from MCA Records and moved to Los Angeles and no one knew me there, so I had this clean slate and not be beholden to whomever I'd been collaborating with or someone else's perception of me at the time.

''It was quite liberating at the time. This was right after I heard Tori's record and I thought hey now 'if she's doing it' ...''