Toploader - Interview

15 August 2002

Toploader - Interview: spoke to Dan spoke to Dan the guitarist from Toploader about Magic Hotel their new album, the bands web site and anything else going!

How's your day going?

I've got a really bad hangover actually, I'm feeling really shaky and struggling to get my words out properly! But apart from that I'm great!

Your website won an award do you have any input on to what goes up on there?

Yea we have a lot actually, We've worked really hard on it actually personally I'm a bit unhappy on the image is still small and the rest of the screen is taken up by a border I really don't like that but everyone keeps on telling me that they won't enlarge it because it will make the picture quality go down! We love our website we try and update it daily. When the band has enough time we go into our chat room and talk to our fans and that is really nice, it's just another form of communication between us and our fans.

Are you into computers?

I'm not much of a buff at all but since we got our own website it made me a lot more interested in other stuff on the web.

Magic Hotel the new album what are your favorite tracks of it?

Never forgotten is definitely a favorite but I also really like The Midas Touch.

Toploader - Interview: @
Toploader - Interview: @
Toploader - Interview: @

How would you best describe the sound of Toploader?

We are mainly rock, in an old fashioned sense, we don't particularly stick to one sound, it's like Achilles Heel which is really rocky and more raw than some of our other stuff and then with songs like dancing in the moonlight which is more poppy and mainstream, so we don't stick to one sound really.

Is Magic hotel in the same style as your last album?

Yea very much so, perhaps just a little bit more confident and the sounds a little bit sharper. It took us a few months to complete it. has an area dedicated to unsigned artists, What advise would you give to them?

Always believe in your self and focus on that and it doesn't matter what anyone else says to you if you think your able of doing it then that's what is important, people used to say to me stop wasting your time being in a band and now he is really proud of me. You can't think it's going to be easy because it's not but it's worth it!

How did Toploader get together?

We were all mates, and we could all play different instruments but we were all in different bands so we decided to get a band together and we all knew we were all quite good and when we played together we just clicked. Sometimes a good successful band is about all about the atmosphere live when you all play together, you could all be the best musicians in the world but it doesn't mean your gonna make the best music together, there has to be a gel there and for some reason we all gelled really well.

So for the best Toploader experience do you feel people have to see you live?

Without a doubt, personally I feel that until people come and see us live they think all these weird things about us and don't really know too much about us and think of us as a supermarket advert band. And then they come and see us live and there feelings change. I've got so many mates who don't really like what we do but then they will come and see us live and they love it. We are a lot more rocky live, it was quite funny on our last tour we had so many kids coming to see us because of dancing in the moonlight and they were expecting to come and see some pop outfit and they end up coming along and rushing to the front of the stage and we come out and start playing really loud guitar music and it really freaked some of them out. But for a lot of those kids that would have been there first rock gig and I would hope it would be a great introduction to it all really.

Magic Hotel is due for release on the 19th of August


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