Tony Hadley used to shove a banana down his leather pants to boost his package.

The former Spandau Ballet star has confessed he would play about every now and then and use the fruit to make himself appear more well-endowed.

Speaking on the Stars Cars Guitars podcast, the 'Gold' hitmaker said: "If you are a rocker, you've got your hair all flowing down and you've got your tight Lycra pants on … and your shuttlecock in."

Tony was then asked: "Did you ever stick a banana or a shuttlecock down the front of your leather trousers?", to which he confessed: "I might have done for fun on a couple of occasions."

He added: "I don't wear the leather strides anymore. I decided to grow old gracefully."

Meanwhile, despite pleas from ex-bandmate Gary Kemp to rejoin the iconic new wave band - which is completed by Martin Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble - the 60-year-old musician, who exited the group as lead singer in July 2017, wants nothing more to do with them.

The 2020 documentary, BBC Two's 'The Kemps: All True', saw Gary, also 60, paint Tony as a devil with horns and red eyes.

But he insisted he had nothing to do with the programme and would rather watch the drama 'Broadchurch' than view their documentary, while he vowed to never sing for the group again.

Tony said: "I wasn't approached and would not have anything to do with it. I'm done.

"They want me back for good but it ain't going to happen.

"I'd rather be happy on my own than be in that band again.

"If they want another lead singer, that's their choice.

"But if you want to hear those songs sung by the original lead singer then you can only really see one bloke - and that's me."