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13th January 2016

Fact: Dionne Warwick, Wayne Newton and Tony Danza were among the stars who turned out for a special tribute to Frank Sinatra at New York City's iconic Friars Club. The music legend, who died in 1998, was the focus of a special evening in the Big Apple on Monday (11Jan16) to mark 100 years since his birth in 1915, dubbed Sinatra at 100, which was hosted by veteran newsman Larry King.

30th January 2015

Quote: "It's funny in some ways because you get reactions from people who think you've died, so you sort of know how people will react after you've gone... The rumour was I had fallen off a cliff in New Zealand while I was working." Former Taxi star Tony Danza on his latest Internet death hoax.

14th December 2014

Fact: Musicians Michael Buble, Nick Jonas and Marky Ramone and actors Tony Danza and Vincent Pastore were among the guests who joined Frank Sinatra's family, friends and fans at his favourite New York restaurant on Friday (12Dec14) to celebrate what would have been the legendary crooner's 99th birthday. The gathering took place at Patsy's and featured a Sinatra covers performance from Steve Maglio and a three-hour satellite radio broadcast, which featured interviews with the icon's kids Frank Sinatra, Jr. and Tina Sinatra, and Buble.

26th September 2013

Quote: "I'm a gym rat. Joe and I had a push-up contest on-set. I wouldn't bring it up if I didn't win." Veteran actor Tony Danza, 62, flexed his muscles in a fitness contest with his Don Jon co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

5th November 2012

Fact: Actors Ethan Hawke, Dave Annable, Tony Danza, Ana Gasteyer and reality Tv star Nicole 'snooki' Polizzi were among the celebrities who helped to man the phones and take donations from viewers of U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Monday (05Nov12) to raise funds for Disney and the ABC network's Day of Giving. The charity drive aimed to boost money for the American Red Cross to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy, which battered the East Coast of the U.S. last week (begs29Oct12).

6th February 2012

Fact: Actor Tony Danza is returning to Broadway for an upcoming theatre adaptation of hit Nicolas Cage and James Caan film Honeymoon in Vegas. The Taxi star, who last hit the stage in 1997 for a View from the Bridge, will play a Sin City wise guy next spring (13).

28th September 2010

Quote: "I'm closing in on 60. I'm starting to smell 60... It's not the worst smell but it's not the most fragrant either." TAXI star Tony Danza worries about his age.

28th September 2006

Fact: TAXI star Tony Danza and his wife, TRACY ROBINSON, are separating after 20 years of marriage. The actor-turned-failed chat show host and his wife have reportedly been living separate lives for much of 2006.

18th October 2005

Fact: <p>Former TAXI star Tony Danza refuses to wear deodorant. </p>

14th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I just don't think I can go on." Actor Tony Danza reacts to the news that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's reality show The Simple Life has been cancelled. </p>

12th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I still can't understand what the guy's saying, yet my kids they know every word." Actor Tony Danza on rapper Kanye West. </p>

22nd September 2005

Quote: <p>"I'm the only guy in LA looking for the paparazzi. Everybody else is trying to get away from them, I'm trying to go, 'Hey, I got my shirt off! Take a picture!'" Actor Tony Danza is desperate for attention. </p>

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