Toni Garrn has set up a ''supermodel flea market''.

The 22-year-old beauty organised the shop in aid of Plan International, a charity dedicated to educating women in West Africa and will donate pieces from her own luxury clothing collection to sell on the market.

The model also assured customers there would be something for everyone and insists a lot of pieces aren't just for slender sample-size girls.

She told the New York Post newspaper: ''Lots of things we give away because they weren't our sizes. Seventy percent are still tagged.''

Toni - who dated 'Wolf of Wall Street' star Leonardo Dicaprio - will be joined by fellow beauties Karlie Kloss and Christy Turlington in donating clothes to the cause.

The German-born star also recently told Paper magazine, she had been collecting pieces to give to charity since starting out in the industry and is looking forward to getting rid of the items to make room in her wardrobe for new purchases.

She said: ''I've been collecting clothes for a cause like this since I started modelling. I've had suitcases packed in my apartment in Hamburg and NYC for a long time. It feels like I'm giving half my closet away now, which is great because I love shopping so now I have more room to do so.''

She added of her favourite donated pieces: ''I've got some really nice leather jackets, a few beautiful evening gowns. There's a [donated] silky, long beige Balenciaga evening dress that I may buy myself. We have Balmain outfits. We have a lot of leather bags that Christy Turlington gave me. Also a huge amount of very fun high heels, from Miu Miu and Guiseppe Zanotti.''