The Sixth Sense star has enjoyed a 20-year Hollywood career since her breakout role in 1994's Muriel's Wedding, and she now hopes to spend more time behind the scenes working on female-focused movies.

She tells Britain's Guardian newspaper, "The one thing I want to do - and I am doing - is starting my own production company, for me to produce and direct in the future. Have a bit more say and control - become the storyteller more than just the character. I want to choose the story, plant the seed and watch it grow. I just want to have a bit more involvement. And tell stories that I want to tell, which are more female-driven."

However, Collette has vowed not to take on a directing job until her children, aged seven and three, are older, adding, "I definitely want to direct. I have young children. My job is already big enough, and I imagine it will be even more so as a director, and I don't want to miss out of them growing up (sic). I'm going to wait until they're a bit older before I leap into that seat."