Toni Braxton has released new single 'Do It' and signed to Island Records.

The 'Un-Break My Heart' hitmaker has announced her new deal with the major label following the end of her contract with Def Jam, and given fans her first new music since her 2018 LP, 'Sex & Cigarettes'.

The 53-year-old R&B legend's new track sees her sing about weighing up leaving a relationship that is no longer serving her.

She belts out: ''If you take him back, it's gon' be the same/ Just do what you need to do, do what you need to do ...

''Just do it, do it, do it/ Do it, do it, yeah, yeah/ Do what you need to do, do what you need to do.''

In a statement, she said: ''We have all been through situations like this when there is really nothing more to say.

''You know he's not right and you just need to do what you need to do. ''There is also an element of hope in the song that after you do what you need to do, things will get better.''

The multi Grammy-winner also advised her fans to consider putting their hearts into quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, to ''examine what it really needs''.

She added: ''During these unprecedented times, make the most of your time indoors with some self-reflection.

''Now might be a good time to quarantine your heart as well in order to examine what it really needs.''

The 'Breathe Again' singer has plenty more new music on the way.

Island Records president and CEO, Darcus Beese, commented: ''It's an honour and pleasure to welcome the incomparable Toni Braxton to the Island Records family.

''Her legendary catalogue, unique sound and extraordinary artistry continue to set her apart.

''We look forward to the world hearing the new music.''