R&B star TONI BRAXTON charges her young sons rent to help them learn how to budget for their future.

The Un-Break My Heart hitmaker reveals she's already started training her kids for the real world by taking a minimal fee from Denim, 11, and nine-year-old Diezel's weekly allowance - but even that's too much for her boys.

She explains, "I charge them rent. I give them allowance - Denim gets $15, Diezel gets $10 a week. They have to take out the trash, do all these things, but I make them pay me rent.

"Diezel pays $1, Denim pays $1.50. I swear to god, Diezel pays a 50 cents for utilities, Denim pays 25 cents for utilities, for cable... I charge them! So they give me like, $3 a week out of their allowance, I told them one day you'll have to pay rent so I'm helping you they get upset, (saying), '$3 a week mum? $3?!'"