Review of Tommy Sparks Album by Tommy Sparks

Review of Tommy Sparks self-titled album.

Tommy Sparks Tommy Sparks Album

The debut album from Tommy Sparks has a little bit of everything thrown in to the mix. A splash of guitars, a heavy helping of dance beats, a smattering of sing along choruses, a cupful of groovy synths and a large dollop of pop.

The album opens up with 'Much Too Much' which has an indie dance pop feel, as does most of the album for that matter. The talking synths that drives 'She's Got Me Dancing' made this an obvious choice for a single release from the album (released 4th May).

Things step down a notch and mellow slightly on 'These Things Happen' with some U2 inspired guitar and laidback, inoffensive vocals. 'Weekends Over' has a definite club feel to it, particularly with the effect-laden chorus and the obligatory middle 8 for any respectable club classic; the perfunctory effect of a club entrance sound. Whistle posse blow!

Throughout 'Tommy Sparks' you can hear similarities with a flock of popular bands such as The Killers, Klaxons, MGMT and even smidges of Arcade Fire on occasions. Strong MGMT influences can be heard on 'Brand New Love' and 'Velo Arktis'. Whilst this release exhibits signs of quality throughout, its lacks the refreshing originality of MGMT's debut.

'Tommy Sparks' is definitely worth using up a little bit of your hearing threshold on and is perfect for sticking on at a drunken house party. It may not be an album you admit to liking to your muso mates however.. Ooops, did I just admit to liking it?

Rating 7/10

Pablo Roffey

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