Tommy Lee has ''mixed'' emotions about Mötley Crüe's final tour.

The group are set to embark on their last-ever gigs and the 'Girls Girls Girls' hitmaker - who will be lifted 200ft out into the audience and about 60ft into the air - thinks it will hit him most when he plays their last song 'Home Sweet Home' because he will be able to look out at the crowd, while playing the piano.

Speaking at The Last Ever European Press Conference at The Law Society in London earlier this week, Tommy said: ''It's funny because in a couple of places we officially won't be back. Japan and Australia, those two places we won't be coming back and it's all pretty much about the last song for me. I'm kind of busy throughout the rest of the show, for the last song I am sitting down playing piano and that's the only time I get to look out and see everybody.

''It hits you then, wow this is f***ing crazy. It's definitely mixed emotions because I am happy, we are all happy but I'm also really sad.''

Meanwhile, singer Vince Neil reflected on the band's three-decade career and admitted he feels ''bittersweet'' and is bound to get ''choked up'' on stage.

He said: ''We think about everything we shared together; it's something very few people get to experience. We got to experience the highest highs and the lowest lows together. We've been best friends, we've been at odds with each other, and we've done stuff we didn't even have any idea was possible.

''The tour is kind of bittersweet. Sometimes I will be on stage, looking out and singing, and I will get a little choked up.''

Mötley Crüe's 'The Final Tour' - on which Alice Cooper will support on some dates - comes to Europe on November 2, kicking off at the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena in the UK, and tickets are on sale now.