Rockers Tommy Lee and Pete Wentz have formed an unlikely bond over their shared love of cooking.

The Fall Out Boy star sharpened his kitchen skills following his split from wife Ashlee Simpson in 2011 so he could adequately care for their son Bronx Mowgli.

He was so keen to expand his expertise that he turned to his friends for help and advice, and even urged the Motley Crue drummer to hand over the recipe for an egg dish he showed off online.

Wentz tells Q magazine, "Until I was 30 I couldn't cook. But then I was a single dad, so I thought, 'I'm gonna get good enough for this.' I got a skillet, and I got these really goofy 'cooking for kids' cookbooks...

"I'll get obsessed with something and want to perfect that thing. (I) really wanted to know how to poach an egg... (Lee had) this crazy 'eggs in hell' dish. I got in touch and asked him how he did it, and he sent me the recipe. I did think, 'This is weird - Tommy Lee just sent me an egg recipe.'"