The marijuana activist checked into the hospital in Los Angeles on Thursday (14Oct15) shortly after appearing on U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live, where he revealed he's desperate to close out his longtime health issues.

Chong won his battle with prostate cancer in 2012, insisting pot suppositories were a miracle cure, but earlier this year (15) the comedian was diagnosed with rectal cancer - and he believes the hemp oil he used to beat his first cancer is the cause of his latest crisis.

He says, "When you go into your orifice you've got to clinically know what you're doing with it. I put suppositories up there and I don't know how they did the oil and so on, and so now I found a laboratory where they test and they make sure that the oil that they give you to inject and everything else is pharmaceutically correct, it's pure.

"When they legalised the weed here (in California) they're going to have all these safeguards in place so that when you buy your oil it will be properly identified (sic)."

He also believes his stint on TV show Dancing With the Stars is responsible for his latest diagnosis, adding, "I was under a lot of stress and then I wasn't smoking or doing any pot, and the pot keeps you from getting disease. I got it (cancer) during that."

Chong told Access Hollywood Live he's now using cannabis around the clock in order to endure the pain of cancer, adding, "When you've got cancer you get unbelievable pain and the pot relieves the pain... I haven't slept a complete night for months now."

And he was upbeat about his imminent surgery, stating, "I'm about to be operated on... I get fitted with a new butthole. It's a bag, but it's brand new and I'm gonna tie-dye it." He continued, "They're going to remove the tumor surgically... It's going to be fine."

Unfortunately, not all his friends and family members share his positive attitude - Chong admitted his wife Shelby is "a wreck", adding, "She's having a hard time."