Tom Welling is for many one of the best versions of Clark Kent the world has ever seen. Cast in the WB superhero drama series 'Smallville' which aired on US network The CW, the actor worked his way into the hearts of millions watching at home and picked up the title of Breakthrough Star of 2001 in People Magazine thanks to his performance.

Tom Welling has found a new television home in the third season of 'Smallville'Tom Welling has found a new television home in the third season of 'Smallville'

Through 10 seasons and an impressive 217 episodes, Welling brought a relatability to the Man of Steel that hadn't been seen in live action before, despite never fully suiting up as the superhero and flying round the streets of Kansas.

Despite his popularity, when 'Smallville' came to an end in 2011, Welling took a break from the spotlight, appearing only in three films in 2013, 2014 and 2016. It was exciting this year then to hear the announcement that the actor had signed on for a multi-episode arc in the third season of Fox's 'Lucifer'.

In a chat with EW, the actor explained why 'Lucifer' was the perfect show to mark his official return to television.

Tom Ellis leads 'Lucifer' in the titular roleTom Ellis leads 'Lucifer' in the titular role

"I had been in discussions with Fox on two other projects this year that didn't work out - for one, I was too young and the other one I just wasn't right for," he starts, before going on to explain that 'Lucifer' filming in Los Angeles was perfect, as he lives in the area and "the idea of travelling to me isn't a priority - in a sense, it's luxury problems."

He continues: "Anyway, shortly after I got a call from a very dear friend of mine, Greg Beeman, who was our showrunner on 'Smallville' for many years and had directed episodes of 'Lucifer', and he goes, 'I hear that your name's in the mix to be on 'Lucifer'. I know you, I've worked on the show, you're going to love it, don't overthink it.'"

Welling went on to binge a few episodes of the show, before telling those who had asked him to sign up for 10 episodes that he would rather do 15 because of his love for the series.

Lauren German also stars in the seriesLauren German also stars in the series

"I like the show, the show's fun," he says. "It doesn't take itself too seriously, but they solve bit crimes and their issues and stuff like that."

Whatever his reasons, it's brilliant to see Welling back on the small screen where he belongs. His acting abilities haven't waned as viewers will find out when he makes his debut as Marcus Pierce tonight in the 'Lucifer' season 3 premiere, and he brings a charm and infectious nature to the role that many others wouldn't have been able to do.

Let's hope that this 15-episode arc is something that leads to more major opportunities for the star in the near future.

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'Lucifer' officially returns to Fox in the US tonight (October 2) at 8/7c, with episodes following in the UK on Amazon Prime Video every Tuesday, after US broadcast.