A man claiming to be his date’s boyfriend, The L.A Times reports, allegedly assaulted Tom Sizemore in his downtown L.A apartment.

The man, rather bizarrely, came to Sizemore's house on Thursday evening to confront Sizemore and the woman. While there, he claimed he had a gun and even put Sizemore in a headlock at one point. He also fled with several guitars and other property, according to the report. He was later caught and arrested by police who seized Sizemore’s belongings and returned them. Sizemore – famed for his ‘tough guy’ roles – is usually on the other side of the law. August 2003 saw him convicted of misdemeanor charges after he physically abused and harassed his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss. And In February 2005 he failed a court-ordered drug test; he was sent into drug rehabilitation for two years. And in June 2007 he was on a charge of possession of methamphetamine and subsequently jailed for 16 months for breaking the probation rules that had been laid down for the previous charge.

Tom SizemoreA grinning Tom Sizemore

Sizemore opens up on stories like this in his new memoire: By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There. He also talks about his relationship with Liz Hurley, and how she would ask him to leave if the bumbling British actor ever came round. “Hugh is coming: when do you think you should move your things out?” she’d ask, leading to their eventual break up.