Tom Sizemore’s autobiography ‘By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There’ details the actor’s dramatic fall from grace. Known for his roles in movies such as Saving Private Ryan and Natural Born Killers, at one point, Sizemore had it all; a successful career, money and a restaurant he part-owned with Robert De Niro.

However, as with many a Hollywood star before him (and no doubt plenty to follow), drugs proved to be Tom Sizemore’s downfall and he lost everything. “I’d had the multimillion-dollar house, the Porsche, the restaurant I partially owned with Robert De Niro. And now I had absolutely nothing.” During his relationship with the former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss that Sizemore’s life really began to disintegrate. In 2003, he was convicted of “harassing, annoying and physically abusing Fleiss,” reports. the actor admits to having become a “spoiled movie star” and an “arrogant fool” though he denies ever striking Heidi.

Salon describe the book as a hard-hitting one, written in “coarse prose befitting some of the hard-boiled characters Sizemore brought to life on screen.” The subject matter is not easy to take either, much of the time, with Tom’s tales of degradation taking up much of the pages – “sex tapes, copious amounts of drug taking” and other debauched activity that led to the star’s downfall. Summing up his approach to the autobiography, Tom writes “I’ve led an interesting life, but I can’t tell you what I’d give to be the guy you didn’t know anything about.”

Tom Sizemore
Tom Sizemore: pictured here in 2008