Tom Selleck grew so attached to the horse he rode in movie westerns Quigley Down Under and LAST STAND AT SABER RIVER he spent thousands shipping the animal from Australia to his California ranch.
The former Magnum, P.I. star established his reputation as a great horseman while riding Spike in the films and he couldn't bear to leave Australia without his favourite steed.
He tells American Cowboy magazine, "I've become a pretty established ride, but there's nothing like a good horse."
Selleck admits he tried to buy Spike from his handlers after completing the two films - and they decided to let the actor have the Quarter horse as a gift.
He recalls, "It was an enormous sign of respect. I was very touched. But then I found out it would cost me about $7,000 to fly him here (to California) from Australia. He's been in my barn ever since."
And Selleck has never stopped riding - he has a collection of horses on his Ventura County ranch.
Spike is now in his mid-twenties.