Former MAGNUM PI star Tom Selleck's decades-long search for decent underwear has finally ended - because he's found himself a set with a "great slot" for trouble-free urinating.

The 60-year-old actor recently discovered the POLO classic brief, and he's thrilled with the convenience the underwear now affords him.

He says, "I didn't really find good underwear until recently. A lot of women won't understand this, but the guys will. The little quickie slots so you can go to the bathroom... they don't work. They're just kind of a gimmick.

"I finally found some underwear that really works. They've got high-rise Polo classic briefs and a great slot."

Selleck also has a slogan handy, should the company ever want him to promote its products: "Polo classic briefs: The slot's the way I like 'em!"

He adds, "I can see the free underwear coming now!"

18/02/2005 09:32