Tom Selleck has been dubbed a thug by a boozed-up reveller who poked fun at the actor's flagging career. The Magnum P.I. star was sheltering from rain under a store awning in Halifax, Nova Scotia when a drunk Gareth Lindley bumped into the actor and his friends. The 23-year-old attempted to apologise to Selleck, but, when the star grumbled about the young man's drunken state, Lindley realised who the grumpy guy was, asking, "Aren't you a washed-up actor?" The reveller then claims Selleck erupted, grabbing Lindley by the collar and demanding he apologise. Lindley tells U.S. tabloid National Enquirer, "All through this I didn't lay a finger on him. "He must have been really angry about something when we met him. I made a mistake and I apologised, and he turned into a jerk over it."