In 'The Walking Dead' this week, fans were shocked to see Jesus take the chance to allow a member of the Saviors to live, after he and Tara caught him in a back room with a gun, but he surrendered and had his hands in the air instead of fighting back. Though Tara still wanted to leave him dead, Jesus said that he wouldn't allow a defenceless man to be shot in cold blood, only for him to then disarm Jesus and put a gun to his head, leaving Tara in quite the predicament.

Tom Payne plays fan-favourite character Jesus in 'The Walking Dead'Tom Payne plays fan-favourite character Jesus in 'The Walking Dead'

Fortunately, Jesus' skills when it comes to fighting meant that he was able to lure the Savior into a false sense of security, disarming him back but once again, not allowing Tara to kill him. Taking him as a prisoner of war, he and Tara exchanged some heated words, but in the end it was Jesus' way that was followed.

Whilst Jesus is extremely close to the Hilltop's new leader Maggie, Tara made sure to let him know that she had quite some sway when it come to speaking with Rick, who's leading the charge against Negan and his band of Saviors.

Speaking with EW, the actor who plays Jesus, Tom Payne explained: "I think Jesus has a sense of right and wrong and is trying to inject a sense of morality into the whole thing. The thing is, it’s a war, and in war there are prisoners of war and there are ways of going about things. There are rules. As much as it’s crazy and awful, there are established rules, like you don’t kill people who have surrendered. And as far as Jesus goes, he feels that you have to abide by those in order to keep some civility, otherwise you might just lose yourself."

He went on to tease of this season's future: "Well, that conflict and the decision that he made of the right thing to do definitely has repercussions, certainly in the next episode and in the episodes to come. And I think you’ll see a little bit of a battle of wits over right and wrong at the Hilltop. At the end of the day, everyone sets up into groups and there will be these moments where quick decisions have to be made."

It's going to be very interesting to see the repercussions of Jesus and Tara's disagreement, and to see whether or not it could funnel up to both Maggie and Rick, and how they'll approach the war they're now a part of moving forward. Those who have read the comic books will likely know the direction the show is headed after the fan-favourite 'All Out War' story arc, but showrunners have been known to deviate from the original plot at times. We'll have to wait and see how this one turns out...

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