Tom Odell believes he's a ''bad example'' for youngsters.

The 23-year-old singer doesn't think he's a good influence on youths today because he puffs on cigarettes and loves drinking alcohol when he's ill, instead of looking after his voice like other musicians.

He said: ''I think you can drink out a cold. I think if you get really drunk and the next morning your hangover kind of outdoes the cold. You sort of forget the cold.

''You know you meet these singers that go round with scarfs and they're constantly on about their voice. I'm not one of those singers. I drink and smoke and often at the same time.

''I'm a bad example. I really am a terrible example.''

The blonde-haired hunk, who shot to fame in 2012 after spending years performing in pubs and clubs, doesn't think he would have done well if he had tried to break into the music scene with the help of 'The X Factor' and SYCO boss Simon Cowell.

Speaking to XFM radio, he said, ''I would have never have done well on 'The X Factor'. I still don't really count myself as a singer.''

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