Tom Odell hopes his new single "resonates" with people going through mental health troubles.

The 30-year-old singer wrote the new track, 'monster v.1.' - which is the first of two versions - amid his recovery from his own issues, and he hopes people dealing with "similar struggles" will be able to relate.

He explained: "In 2019, my anxiety got so bad that I had to stop making music for a while. There was a period when it felt like I couldn’t leave the house without having a panic attack.

"I wrote this song, 'monster', about trying to overcome my struggles with those mental health problems. It makes me super sad to listen at moments because it brings back some tough times, but I am super proud of it and hope it resonates with people who are dealing with similar struggles.

"This first version is the song in its purest form, which I wanted you all to hear first, as the lyrics mean so much to me."

Tom - whose fourth album, 'Monsters', is due to be released in June - previously admitted he struggles to relax because of his anxiety.

He explained in 2018: "I have quite bad anxiety and stuff like that - I wish I could relax.

"I feel generally a constant, low hum of anxiety. It's weird because it's only recently I realised what it was - I think for many years I thought it was just 'me', this feeling of discomfort that I've had ever since I was a teenager, really."

Asked if he'd sought help for the problem, he replied: "I'd worry that if I got help with it, my creativity would go away. We'll see how bad it gets in the future. Right now, I'm fine, I'm happy."