Tom Odell feels "free" and "so liberated" since leaving Columbia Records.

The 'Another Love' hitmaker - who was first signed by the major label in 2012 - has returned with his new single, 'Best Day Of My Life', and admitted the "relief" of becoming an independent artist can be felt throughout his new music.

He said: “I feel so free, so liberated to be an independent artist.

“Honestly, there’s a huge amount of relief in this music, of just getting to do exactly what I want to do.

“I wanted to not cram in as many hooks as I could, not have the chorus at the front of the song, just create an environment where people can sit with the music and breathe.”

The 31-year-old singer-songwriter's last album for Columbia was 2021's 'Monsters', which reached the Top 5 in the UK.

He said of the new track: “I guess the idea behind this song was from my experience of sadness.

“After you’ve been through a really hard time there are these incredible peaks of euphoria, these moments of almost uncontrollable joy, which you’re almost suspicious of.”

Tom has been open about his struggles with his mental health in the past and hopes his music helps others going through their own battles.

He previously explained: "In 2019, my anxiety got so bad that I had to stop making music for a while. there was a period when it felt like I couldn’t leave the house without having a panic attack.

"I wrote this song, 'monster', about trying to overcome my struggles with those mental health problems. It makes me super sad to listen at moments because it brings back some tough times, but I am super proud of it and hope it resonates with people who are dealing with similar struggles. This first version is the song in its purest form, which I wanted you all to hear first, as the lyrics mean so much to me."