2014's John Lewis Christmas Advert is racking up views on YouTube like there's no tomorrow, thanks to Tom Odell and a cute penguin. Advertising is such an intrinsically part of everyday life, that the general public have all but condemned shopping adverts to white noise in the background. While products like 'Old Spice' and 'The Natural Confectionary Company' have been able to implant something memorable in our heads, more often than not, the only adverts anyone care about nowadays are the specialised Christmas adverts for various companies. 

Tom Odell live at Madison Square Gardens
Last year's advert featured Lilly Allen singing 'Somewhere Only We Know'

Years ago, the Christmas season didn't begin in some people's eyes until the bright red adverts of 'Coka Cola' showed up on their television screens, yet nowadays 'John Lewis' are one of the new standards of greatness where Christmas Adverts are concerned. This year's marketing campaign has introduced the world to Monty the Penguin through their adverts socialised on the retail company's Twitter account.

The advert tells the tear-jerking story of a young boy inseparable from his penguin. The two watch television together, play hide-and-seek, and eat dinner together. But things begin to break down when Monty first sees a young couple on the television. From then on, the penguin knows that he is depressed without the love of another penguin, and while his best friend doesn't fully understand, he at least knows the penguin is upset. Fast forward to Christmas day and the boy has a surprise for Monty - a female penguin for him to fall in love with. While it turns out that the penguin was a stuffed toy all along, the advert is made all the more emotional by Tom Odell's cover of The Beatles' 'Real Love'.

Watch the full video for Real Love here

Odell serves as the first male singer on a John Lewis Christmas advert since 2008, and follows on from 2013's Lilly Allen rendition of 'Somewhere Only We Know', which only saw half the increase in sales that 2012's Snow Man advert brought in. Singing for the Christmas advert has so far boosted the careers of other performers, so Tom Odell likely has a bright future ahead of him. 

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