Rocker and activist Tom Morello has teamed up with System Of A Down's Serj Tankian and Rise Against frontman Tim Mcilrath to record a new song in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Rage Against the MAChine guitarist has been a leading voice in the demonstrations since the protests began last year (11) and he celebrated the first anniversary of the anti-big business campaign by headlining a rally gig in New York earlier this month (Sep12).

Now Morello has stepped up his involvement by working with Tankian and MCIlrath. The trio has recorded We Are the 99 Percent (sic) - a call to action track he hopes will be adopted as the movement's new anthem.

He tells, "It's our gift to the movement. I wanted to do a huge riff-rock anthem. It would feel like the excitement of the global Occupy Wall Street movement."

The song, which also features recordings of Occupy protesters chanting at their rallies, includes lyrics like, "If you feel the wave crashing down/Don't just sit there and drown/Fight back!"

It will be available to download for free on Friday (28Sep12).