Originally led by Nicole Beharie alongside Tom Mison, supernatural drama 'Sleepy Hollow' saw some good ratings throughout its first season. As is usually the case however, ratings began to slip from season 2 and beyond, with a controversial exit for Beharie's character in season 3 turning many of the loyal fan base away from the series for good.

The fourth season of 'Sleepy Hollow' has been its lastThe fourth season of 'Sleepy Hollow' has been its last

Despite that, showrunners did their best to bring viewers back to the show, giving a soft reboot to the series in season 4 which saw Oona Yaffe join the cast as Ichabod's right-hand woman. Moving from the titular town to Washington, D.C. in season 4, many were confused about the direction bosses were trying to take the series. Whilst we expected that would be further explained in a fifth season, it would seem that's no longer the case.

Unfortunately for fans, the supernatural series won't be returning for a fifth season, with the FOX network pulling the plug on the show according to a report from TVLine.

The news comes after FOX also axed their drama 'Rosewood' earlier this week, whilst 'Pitch' was cancelled last week.

Tim Mison has led the supernatural seriesTim Mison has led the supernatural series

'Sleepy Hollow' was thrown into a Friday night death slot during the third season, with ratings continuing to plummet and remain on the low side. With all of the rumoured behind-the-scenes drama regarding Beharie's alleged mistreatment by producers and her eventual leaving the show, there was never any room for recovery. The chemistry she shared with Mison was clearly integral to the success of the series, so when that was taken completely away from the show, it was left a sitting duck.

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Now FOX will undoubtedly be looking for replacements for the trio of shows cancelled that we've mentioned here. There's always the chance of course that more shows could be taken off the network in the coming weeks as the dreaded 'cancellation season' rolls on, but we think the heaviest blows have already happened.