Review of Lifetracks Album by Tom Middleton

Tom Middleton
Album Review

Tom Middleton Lifetracks Album

It's great when music pushes along and brings out gems to realign us with progressive positive thinking. It's nice to hear music that lets us think freely with all the wonder of the future. I didn't know anything about Tom Middleton but was pleasantly surprised to here 'Lifetracks'. This Cornish boy is from all the right ingredients. From Jedi Knights to The Big Chill it's a great staple for contemporary electronica, house and ambient music.

I haven't heard this kind of sound that works really well for a while. I remember listening to St Germaine and feeling really uplifted. 'Lifetracks' kinda does the same. There's a lot of space to get lost in the sounds and anyone feeling a bit sensitive after a heavy weekend is gonna float around to this nicely. 'Shinkansen' really stood out for me. It has a nice bassline and lots of atmospherics to make you feel truly alive.

'Lifetracks' is a sweet album. It takes you on a journey and has a lot of mood and feeling. Tom Middleton is definitely someone to take note of. He's created a lot of atmosphere in this album and I reckon it's a long player. It's relevant to the modern thinker and creative person and has all the layers to make you want to go there again.

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