Sir Tom Jones relished using ''bad language and breaking wind'' in his younger days.

The 75-year-old star has recalled nights out with his friends in his home town of Pontypridd in Wales, admitting he and his male pals would unwind by behaving like ''animals'' in the pub.

Sir Tom - who's admitted to sleeping with 250 women a year at the height of his fame, but has been married to his wife Linda since 1957 - told The Sun newspaper: ''I used to go to a pub that was only for men.

''The reason was so that we could tell dirty jokes and break wind, and we didn't want ladies around us when we were acting like animals.

''I respect the ladies. We didn't want them in there at the time. I don't think that bad language and breaking wind is right in front of ladies.''

Sir Tom has previously admitted to being unfaithful to his wife, but in his new autobiography, 'Over the Top and Back', he's claimed Linda is the ''love of his life''.

The 'Sex Bomb' hitmaker writes: ''I know the difference between sex and love ... What I can say with absolute certainty is that wherever else my life has taken me in the years since this I have never had that feeling [love] with anyone else.''