The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has given his blessing to BBC sitcom Rev, calling it "great entertainment" though warning that it "doesn't truly tell the whole story" of the clergy.

Rev BBCThe cast of BBC2's 'Rev'

The third season of the BBC2 series starring Tom Hollander as Anglican priest Adam Smallbone came to an end on Monday night (April 14, 2014) and Welby told the Radio Times that it amusingly showed the issues faced by men and women of the cloth around the UK.

"The show amusingly depicts some of the challenges facing clergy up and down the country. But while it's great entertainment, it doesn't truly tell the whole story," he said.

"I have a friend who runs a growing church in Reading city centre, filled with young people with no church background; I have another friend who has had to plant two new churches because his congregation is bursting at the seams. Other churches have few people, but great impact, again with visionary and inspiring leadership."

Tom Hollander RevTom Hollander in 'Rev'

He went on: "As with all of life, the picture is complex, but I see plenty of struggle and plenty of grounds for celebration. Therefore, while Rev is great viewing, it doesn't depress me quite as much as you might think."

Though there is no concrete plan for Rev's immediate return, the latest series garnered critical acclaim and is probably the best comedy that the BBC has on its books at this moment in time.

Hollander's character moved from a small rural parish to the "socially disunited" St Saviour in Hackney, East London. It is there that he lives with his wife Alexandra, played by Olivia Colman.

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