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Tom Hiddleston Talks About That Time Tom Hollander Made Him Pee On Him

Does peeing on someone really help with a jellyfish sting? Tom Hiddleston better hope so because he tested the theory on his co-star Tom Hollander when the latter got attacked by a gelatinous pest while...

Everything You Need To Know About Julian Fellowes' Newest Drama 'Doctor Thorne'

Julian Fellowes' latest period drama 'Doctor Thorne' hits ITV this month, with the second episode having aired on Sunday night (March 13th 2016). There are plenty of new faces and a few familiar ones, and...

Archbishop Of Canterbury Loves 'Rev'. Sort Of.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has given his blessing to BBC sitcom Rev, calling it "great entertainment" though warning that it "doesn't truly tell the whole story" of the clergy.The cast of BBC2's 'Rev'The...

Is 'Rev' The Most Underrated Bbc Comedy Of All Time?

The well overdue third series of 'Rev' premiered on BBC2 on Monday evening (March 24, 2014) welcoming back Adam Smallbone - played by Tom Hollander - to our screens. The Cast of 'Rev' Season 3The...

Ralph Fiennes' 'The Invisible Woman' Garners Positive Reviews

Ralph Fiennes (The English Patient) and Felicity Jones (Cemetery Junction) star in The Invisible Woman, a period drama based on the personal life of Charles Dickens. Fiennes directs the largely British cast which includes his...

British Stalwart Richard Curtis To Put Down Camera And Quit Directing

Undoubtedly the king of British rom-com, Richard Curtis has enjoyed a long and successful career, writing or helming some of the country’s most-loved films.In addition to his Oscars and Bafta nominations/wins, he can probably add...

Jk Rowling Unveils Vintage Style Cover For 'The Casual Vacancy'

Jk Rowling has unveiled the cover for her forthcoming novel 'A Casual Vacancy', her first book aimed at adults. The novel will hit shelves in September and features a vintage style cover designer by Mario...

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