Tom Holland had "free rein" to create his own version of Nathan Drake in 'Uncharted'.

The Spider-Man actor plays the thief in the new movie based on the hit video game series of the same name and was grateful to put his own spin on the character and differ from Nolan North's portrayal in the games.

Tom told "When we were developing this character and this film, we were kind of trying to figure out how I would play him.

"And there was a discussion at one point where they wanted me to just mimic Nolan North, and I started doing a little bit of work into it and I think we all came to the conclusion that we need to make this film unique."

The 25-year-old star said he wanted to "pay respects to the games" while also putting a fresh take on both the character and story.

Tom shared: "It needed to have something new about it. So, they then gave me free rein to kind of go away and develop this character in my own way."

The movie serves as a prequel to the video game series and Tom believes the younger version of Drake is more "trustworthy" than when he becomes an experienced treasure hunter.

He said: "Obviously, the differences are that he's younger.

"I think one of the traits he has is he's very trustworthy, which ultimately is something that he definitely shouldn't be in that world of treasure hunting.

"He's not very trustworthy in the games. But no, there a lot of similarities but lots of differences."

Tom recently revealed that he nearly lost his teeth as a result of wearing Drake's metal charm during fight scenes on the film.

He said: "We had to get a rubber one made because during the fight scenes it kept whacking me in the teeth.

"Honestly it really hurt. I had to say to the props master, 'Can you make me a rubber one?' I'd turn around and punch someone and it would bounce up and crack me right in the teeth. I'm lucky I've got teeth."