Tom Holland is ''over the moon'' for Naomi Watts' Oscar nomination.

The 16-year-old actor plays Naomi's eldest son in tsunami disaster film 'The Impossible', for which she has received a Best Actress nomination at the Academy Awards, and the young star is ecstatic for his on-screen mother.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''I'm over the moon for her. She deserves it because she's incredible. I'm so happy for her.''

The breakthrough star - who won the award for Young Performer of the Year at the ceremony - explained that much like in the film, Naomi, 44, was a mother figure to him on set.

He said: ''She was very like [a] mum. On a film set you can be like, 'Can I get a can of Coke?' and a runner will get it for you. She'll say, 'No, Tom. You've had three already. Calm down with the Coke' and I'm like, 'But mum!' ''

Tom also revealed some valuable advice the actress gave him, adding: ''She gave me this piece of advice and it's that there's no such thing as an individual performance. You can either work as a team or not work at all. It doesn't work otherwise. You can always tell when you watch a film, 'Those actors didn't get along on set'.

''If you try your utmost best on set for the other person, they'll try their best for you and then you'll give a better person. It's all about being a team.''