Children everywhere might love Marvel and all its superheroes, but the movie franchise is hardly aimed at a younger audience. This is where 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' comes in; bringing back Peter Parker may just be the most teen-friendly thing Marvel have done for a while.

Tom Holland plays Peter Parker in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'Tom Holland plays Peter Parker in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

20-year-old Tom Holland plays the high school hero in the forthcoming reboot, and he thinks it's about time a more relatable comic book character hit our screens after the likes of the super-rich Iron Man, the super-soldier Captain America and the super-god Thor.

Tom Holland stars opposite Robert Downey Jr.Tom Holland stars opposite Robert Downey Jr.

'We've seen the soldier, we've seen the billionaire, we've seen the god and now it's time to see the kid', Tom says. 'I think it's fun to see what would happen if you gave a 15-year-old super powers, and I think what would happen is that he'd have a pretty great time.'

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He explains that he thinks the reason why Spider-Man is still a much-loved character is because anyone can relate to the problems he's going through when he's not trying to save the world. 'There's not a person on this planet who doesn't go through something that Peter Parker goes through whether it's struggling with homework, talking to girls, being late for school, or having bigger responsibilities outside of school', he says. 'I think, especially for young kids, it's a great thing to be able to see a superhero go through the same things that you're going through day-to-day.' 

'It's very reassuring that it doesn't just happen to you, it also happens to superheroes.'

Tom Holland thinks kids can relate to Peter ParkerTom Holland thinks kids can relate to Peter Parker

Tom Holland is going to be very busy over the next few years, reprising his role in 'Avengers: Infinity War' coming next year and the as-yet-untitled Spider-Man sequel. He also has four other film releases coming up: James Gray's 'The Lost City of Z' with Charlie Hunnam, Thomas Edison biopic 'The Current War' with Benedict Cumberbatch, 13th century Irish drama 'Pilgrimage' opposite Richard Armitage and dystopian thriller 'Chaos Walking' alongside Daisy Ridley.

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' is coming on July 7th 2017.

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' hits theatres this July'Spider-Man: Homecoming' hits theatres this July