Though Marvel Studios currently have the right to bring the 'Spider-Man' property to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there has been what we imagine is a hugely complicated agreement with Sony Pictures to allow the latter company to bring a film based on the Spidey villain Venom to the big screen. Now, with confirmation that Tom Hardy will be the actor stepping into that role and a release date set for October 5, 2018, rumours and information regarding the flick are now beginning to creep into the spotlight.

Tom Holland is looking forward to Sony Pictures release 'Venom'Tom Holland is looking forward to Sony Pictures release 'Venom'

We know for sure that Scott Rosenburg is writing the screenplay for the movie alongside Jeff Pinkner, and Marvel villain Carnage is looking set to take centre-stage as the primary antagonist. Aside from that and the previously-mentioned casting however, much is yet to be revealed; not surprising when the film's release is still over 12 months away.

What is right around the corner however is the first solo Spidey flick for the MCU, with 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'. Fronted by Tom Holland, who plays the web-slinging superhero and was first introduced in 'Captain America: Civil War', the film looks set to make over $100 million at the box office in the US alone across its opening weekend.

Tom Hardy will play the titular role in 'Venom'Tom Hardy will play the titular role in 'Venom'

Talking at a recent press conference about Tom Hardy playing Venom in the upcoming Sony Pictures film (as captured on YouTube), Holland expressed his thoughts about the veteran taking on the role.

"It's very exciting," he said. "I think Tom Hardy will really play that character with, you know, a lot of energy, a lot of life. It can be a very cool movie."

Coupling these comments with recent remarks made by Sony Pictures' Amy Pascal, who revealed the Sony Pictures spin-off Spidey flicks would be "adjuncts" to Marvel's Cinematic Universe, could mean there's a very exciting future ahead for fans of both of these actors. Though we may not see them on screen together in the near future, it's certainly a possibility, and something that Holland would clearly be up for.

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'Venom' hits cinemas next year; stick with Contact Music for all the latest on production, rumours and new info!