Tom Hardy has taken to his Instagram account this week to tease the end of filming on his upcoming Sony movie 'Venom', in which he'll play the titular character, otherwise known as Marvel Comics' Eddie Brock. Not much has been revealed about the plot which fans will see go down when the film makes its way to the big screen, but the fact that Hardy is involved in bringing the villain to life has been enough to keep chatter and hype at a high.

With the film scheduled to make its debut in October of this year, more promotional material is expected to trickle out in the coming weeks, but Hardy has kicked things off early with his Instagram post, which you can check out below:

Wrapped life back Bye

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Now of course, there's every opportunity that there's still some filming to be completed, as Hardy may actually be referencing just his own time on the shoot that's come to an end. With him being the lead character however, we imagine the bulk of footage is now set and ready to go to the editing room, and a trailer could be right around the corner.

'Venom' has been in production since October 2017, with various glimpses of the set granted by Hardy via his social media. The tone suggested by his pictures was often a dark one, and we imagine there will be a gritty, more adult take on the world of Marvel in the film than we so often see in Marvel Studios' Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With rumours that Tom Holland's take on Spider-Man will be making an appearance in the 'Venom' movie, and with Sony having struck a deal with Marvel Studios a couple of years back to allow them the rights to make their own Spider-Man movies, there could be a lot of exciting scenes for major Marvel fans in the near future. We can't wait to see how it all shakes out!

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'Venom' currently has a slated release date for October 5, 2018. We'll bring you the latest news on the film as and when we get it.