Tom Hardy has a go at yet another accent in the Ridley Scott produced 'Child 44', an adaptation of Tom Rob Smith's award-winning 2008 novel about a series of brutal murders during the time of the Soviet Union.

Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy in 'Child 44'
Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy go head to head in 'Child 44'

Hardy plays a former Russian military officer named Leo Demidov in the thriller, who's offered the highest protection in the wake of his war heroism. But things take a dark turn when it becomes apparent that a set of ongoing child killings are being covered up by the authorities, and Demidov wants to do the right thing and find the perpetrator - to much anger from his Stalin obsessed superiors. 

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While the movie presents yet another example of Hardy's versatility, we have to say we're most excited about his brand new accent. While there was the questionable Welsh articulation of 'Locke' (which he himself admitted could've been better), his Russian delivery in 'Child 44' joins the list of fantastic accents that Hardy has shared with us over the years. There's the gravelly cockney of gangster series 'Peaky Blinders', the Brooklyn twang of 'The Drop', the Southern charm of 'Lawless' and who could forget the deep croak of Bane in 'The Dark Night Rises'? Yes, it's safe to say we're impressed once again, though it's not surprising given the amount of time the actor spent filming for 'Child 44' in the Czech Republic.

Watch the trailer for 'Child 44' here:

Hardy re-teams with a few old friends in the cast, including Noomi Rapace with whom he worked on 'The Drop' and Gary Oldman from 'The Dark Night Rises', and is also joined by the likes of Joel Kinnaman and Charles Dance. Among the producers are Ridley Scott, who was originally enlisted as director before Daniel Espinosa ('Safe House') took over, alongside Academy Award winner Greg Shapiro ('The Hurt Locker') and Michael Schaefer ('Exodus: Gods and Kings'), with a screenplay by Oscar nominated Richard Price ('The Color of Money').

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'Child 44' is set to be released in US movie theaters on April 17th 2015.

Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace in 'Child 44'
Tom Hardy re-teams with Noomi Rapace in 'Child 44'